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Li zhou cable as a professional cable manufacturer, set in one of various types of cable, the product passed ISO9001, CE, 3C and SGS testing and certification, is the most complete integrated home wiring products manufacturers, to provide a complete intelligent building copper solve program. Product quality assurance and overall program costs have a fairly good advantage, regardless of cabling solutions have a lot of choice, providing access to all construction and distribution solutions, users can according to their needs, their choice cabling solutions ; wide product range of applications, providing access to a huge building power distribution solutions.

Continuous improvement of people's living standard, a wide range of home appliances to fly into the homes of ordinary people, to provide the power necessary to use wires for electrical equipment, household LSZH green wire can be used in home decoration house wiring. As we all know, the short-circuit electrical circuit, overload operation, the contact resistance of the wire is too large, are likely to produce sparks and arcing wires causing overheating, poor performance of traditional wire flame, flammable and difficult to extinguish when the temperature is too high, because the wire itself containing halogen, will produce a lot of smoke and harmful gases when burned, humans and the environment causing serious damage.

LSZH green household wiring using halogen flame retardant, non-toxic materials, can be widely used in home decoration wire cloth used as compared with ordinary cloth wire, having a fire does not burn easily and can prevent the spread of the combustion flame and expand disasters; has good electrical properties and mechanical properties, their halogen-free, almost no harmful gases when burned, small amount of smoke, combustion formed to solve its "secondary pollution", to avoid the traditional PVC produce carcinogenic when wires burning "dioxin" material; when the waste does not harm the environment, consistent with safety and environmental protection requirements. As people's living conditions improve, the health, safety, environmental protection and more attention, the new environmentally friendly halogen household wiring will be widely recognized and use.

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